Member Service - - China Hair Products Trading Net has three types of membership:

    In China Hair Products Trading Net, we will provide three types of membership.To want to maximize the expansion of your global market and increase profits, you need to upgrade to higher level of membership.

Free membership:
This is your online trade laissez-passer, registered as a member, you could issue your business opportunities and products information, and to establish your business website, which enables buyers more detailed and direct understanding of your circs,to raise the rate of business success.

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SilverHair Suppliers:
Compared with Free Membership, SilverHair Suppliers can attract five times buyers for your products,and enjoy more forward prioritization than Free Membership, browse to more purchasing information,let buyers more easily find you.
Cost: RMB9800 per year
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GoldHair Suppliers:
Compared with SilverHair Suppliers, GoldHair Suppliers can enjoy more forward information prioritization and maximal network promotion,let the major global search engines embody your sales information faster and more truely.
Cost: RMB19800 per year
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Each member can at the same time enjoy Chinese, English platform services, without needing to repeat the registration and paying secondary.