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How to Buy a Wig or Hairpiece
       2015/11/20 14:47:33
Bald might be beautiful in the eyes of some people, but not f those with gradual  drastic hair loss who just want to look  their old se...

Bald might be beautiful in the eyes of some people, but not for those with gradual or drastic hair loss who just want to look like their old self again. With a wide range of colors and styles, wigs have never looked more fabulous, darling.

Find a hairstylist experienced in working with wigs and ask about style and shape. They can take your measurements and order your wig, as well as cut and style it after it's delivered. Ask about each wig's scalp and hairline. A bad hairline is the biggest giveaway, so ask to see and try on samples.


Synthetic wigs are affordable and easy to style, and cost from $100 to $500. They're not quite as durable, and frizz more, but are ideal if you're experiencing temporary hair loss due to chemotherapy.
Human hair, of course, has the most lifelike look and bounce. You'll pay around $1,000 for a net-based wig, and up to $6,000 or more for a custom-molded polyurethane vacuum base. These top-quality cranial hair prostheses adhere securely to the head and, since hairs are injected through the base one at a time, look the most natural.


Consider a partial wig if you have a few bald or very thin spots (common with alopecia). They can be custom-made to blend in with and bulk up your own remaining hair.
Feel confident your wig won't take flight with different anchoring options. Many wigs have adjustable fasteners or straps in the back; tape tabs at the hairline and ears also provide security. A nonirritating head band such as the Comfy Grip ($29) is helpful if you've lost all your hair. Custom-fit caps help smooth any remaining hair underneath (stretch lace costs around $22).

Ask if extra hair can be added to the wig later if it thins in places. While a quality wig starts showing wear at two or three years, spot repairs can extend its life to four or five years.
Ask for tips on care and styling. Depending on how dirty it gets, you might need to wash it every 10 to 14 days. Store on a wig block when it's not in use, and wipe down the inside of polyurethane-based models with rubbing alcohol each day.

Find out if the hairstylist can revitalize color later if the wig fades.

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