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Hairstyles for Days When You Oversleep
       2014/1/20 16:08:28
Whether you overslept, remembered you had some to be 20 minutes befe the appointment  simply didn#t want to mess with your hair tod...

Whether you overslept, remembered you had somewhere to be 20 minutes before the appointment or simply didn't want to mess with your hair today, opting for a no-fuss, easy hairstyle is your best bet. The greatest part? You can still look glamorous and put together, even if you're feeling inwardly frazzled. Take your cue from celebrities, such as Selena Gomez, pictured here, who wear textured ponytails, messy chignons and chunky side braids with aplomb.


Giant Bun

Recreate the effortless oversize bun worn by TV personality Lauren Conrad, pictured here, in seconds. First, apply smoothing cream throughout hair and pull it into a high ponytail. "Once fastened, spray the ponytail generously with light to medium hair spray," says Joey Oso, a New York-based L'Oreal Professionnel hairstylist who styles hair for high-end photo shoots, fashion shows and television. Create volume by blow-drying the ponytail for 10 seconds before lightly brushing it out again, making sure to not remove volume. "Wrap the ponytail onto itself, around the hair tie, and bobby pin it into place."


Carefree Side Braid

Spanish model Maria Reyes looks chic in this carefree side braid. To wear it yourself, apply an anti-frizz serum to your hair and, with a very large round or flat brush, blow-dry it on hot until your hair looks straight and shiny, Oso says. For extra volume, also apply a root boosting spray to the crown. Taking a medium-size section of hair near the front, braid away from your face and secure with a clear elastic.


Messy Chignon

The messy chignon, seen here on actress Savannah Jayde, is appropriate for myriad settings. Start with an even application of volumizing mousse and then blow-dry hair, using only your hands to style as you dry. "Once dried, brush hair back with a very wide-tooth comb, looking in the mirror and leaving some pieces out around the face," Oso says. Secure hair into a loose chignon, with several loose tendrils. If you have time, curl with a 5/8-inch curling iron before creating the chignon.


Long Side Braid With Hat

Singer Katy Perry can attest to the joys of wearing hats, especially on days when you have very little time to get ready. For this look, pull hair to one side, allowing some pieces to fall and frame the face. Divide hair into three equal sections, braid to the end and then secure. "A smoothing cream can be used to prep the hair to be braided," Oso notes. Top with a hat or scarf and head out the door.


 Tiny Topknot

Keep things playful like actress Tika Sumpter does with this topknot. First apply a medium-hold gel throughout your hair. Using a boar bristle flat brush to guide hair up and away from the face, blow-dry on medium speed and heat. "Keep using the blow-dryer and brush hair toward where the ponytail will sit," Oso instructs, adding that you should aim for just above the crown. Secure into a smooth ponytail and then wrap hair around the base. Secure with bobby pins.

Unfussy, Voluminous Pony

Actress Ahna O'Reilly looks demure in this voluminous ponytail. Begin by applying a generous amount of texture spray all over your hair, Oso says, then blow-dry until completely dry. Once you've done that, "flip your head over and blow-dry your hair upward to where the ponytail will end up," Oso explains. Stand upright and secure hair into a ponytail with a strong hair tie.

 Thick, Textured Pony

To get a textured pony similar to the one actress Selena Gomez sports here, first dampen hair with a spray bottle and then apply a sea salt-based product. "Spray sea salt very generously and then rough blow-dry hair with your hands at first, then finish with a flat paddle brush," Oso says. "Bring all the hair back with a boar bristle flat brush and into a ponytail." Wrap a piece of hair from the ponytail around the hair tie to keep it hidden.


Side-Swept Locks

A little texture or curling spray will help bring the side-swept look, worn here by actress Janel Parrish, to life. Once product is evenly applied, use either a diffuser or a blow-dryer on low heat until dry. Pull hair over to one side of your face, slightly twisting as you work it around the back of your neck. Secure with bobby pins at the base. If you have time, use a 1 1/2-inch curling iron to curl small sections of hair or simply leave hair as it is.


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