About us
The driving force behind the ToHair is Xuchang city, which is the biggest hair producing zone in the world, in Henan province of China. There are plenty of hair factories, we know more about hair products and hair business.
Spectacular Growth
The spectacular growth of tohair proves that there was a need for a website like this. In just one year we became the largest and most popular information website about all kinds of hair products.
We have the largest hair suppliers and purchasers on the Internet and are still growing every month. Over 200,000 pages are viewed per month and every month this number has been growing. Over 150,000 visitors have already added our website to their favorites!
Our Success
What lies behind our success?
We have researched the market thoroughly before we introduced ToHair on the Internet. What are the keywords that most people use to find hair products? What info are they searching for? Etc.
We designed our website around that information so it is easy for our visitors to find us AND they will find it is so wise to choose tohair. ToHair is not owned by a factory or system. We are an independent organization and not involved with any factory or system. We are a company specialized in the Internet and how to present your business on line.
What we offer is just as much for hair traders as for wholesalers and other related hair business. We help factories, suppliers to reach lager clients, at the same time the purchasers can touch factories directly, finding the most appropriate supplier for themselves.This is why our website is so popular with all hair traders.
Our Goal
Our goal is to provide the latest offer& inquires about hair and information about a large variety of factories& purchasers all over the world so it will be easy to find factories or purchasers. At the same time our visitors can read the newest developments because we update our website every day. We offer showrooms for suppliers where they can show pictures of their products. The pictures will be described in details on line with the name, address and live messager so that all purchsers can contact the suppliers directly.
It is our goal to be the common home of hair traders and all people who are interested in hair products. One part of tohair is “Do you know?” you can find furitful information of hair tips and guide. You will know more about hair. We also have our own forum where all people can communite with each other freely. Our primary goal is to bring more and more hair suppliers so that all buyers on tohair can have a happy purchase!
No waitting! Just join tohair! You will catch miracle!